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In the above map, the states shown in green are the Unified Carrier Registration, or UCR (UCRA) participating states.  The states shown in yellow are non- participating UCR states. If you are based in any of the yellow, non-participating states, we will register you for UCR if you are planning on driving into any of the green participating states.  We will also register anyone who is based in any of the green participating states for UCR.

UCR, or Unified Carrier Registration replaces the old SSRS, or Single State Registration system that ended on December 31, 2006.  Most states participate in the UCR system and trucks passing through these green UCR states are required to register for UCR.  If your truck is on a set of scales in one of these UCR states and you have not registered for UCR for the year, you could be heavily fined.  All the scalemaster has to do is look into his computer as you roll onto the scales and - boom - he can see if you are registered for UCR.   Likewise, a State Police officer sitting in his car can key your USDOT number into his laptop and he can tell if you are registered for UCR.

The UCR system counts the number of trucks, tractors, buses and coaches in your USDOT registered trucking fleet crossing state lines.  If you have any trucks, tractors, buses or coaches that do not cross state lines, you are not required to register these vehicles for UCR.  When you pay your annaul UCR fee, the registration allows you to travel all 50 states as the fees are not broken down by individual state, as the old SSRS system required you to do.  The word 'vehicle' means truck, tractor, bus or coach. 

The annual UCR fee structure that the state charges:

  • 1 - 2 vehicles:  $76
  • 3 - 5 vehicles:  $227
  • 6 - 20 vehicles: $452
  • 21 - 100 vehicles: $1,576
  • 101 - 1000 vehicles: $7,511
  • 1001 or more vehicles: $73,346 

The UCR program requires individuals who operate one or more trucks by themselves, and companies with a small or large fleet of trucks that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce to register their vehicles with a participating state and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet.  This includes all carriers with fleets and individual truck owners not leased to a Carrier.  It is the responsibility of the Carrier to include and pay for the trucks and trailers leased to the Carrier that cross state lines.  Included in the UCR registration process are Private commercial carriers hauling their own products; For- Hire commercial carriers hauling Exempt Commodities;  Truck owners or Carriers with their own Motor Carrier Number / Motor Carrier Permit who have registered for ICC Authority / DOT Authority or Trucking Authority / MC Number or ICC Number / ICC Carrier or Truck Authority / Operating Authority (they all mean the same thing);   Farmers crossing state lines;  Brokers (without trucks); Freight Forwarders (without trucks); and leasing companies.

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