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Great Lakes Services was formed in 1987 and has provided services to owner operators for some 27 years.  Prior to starting Great Lakes Services, the owner had owned and operated a small fleet of semi-tractors hauling dry bulk and corn syrup tankers.  And before coming across to this country and going into trucking, the owner was involved with the growing of Virginia flue-cured tobacco, corn and raising livestock in the former central African country of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). While in Rhodesia, he was required to do his National Service in the Army, which is modeled after the British army.  While serving in the Army, he managed to get in to the SAS (Special Air Service), an offshoot of the British 22nd Regiment Special Air Service, the equivalent of the American Green Berets.  The SAS was started by David Stirling who's group's exploits during WW 11 were to be sent behind enemy lines, create havoc and get the hell out of there.  He was raised in England, attended agricultural college and worked on a number of British farms before moving out to Africa.  

When the owner came to this country, after having driven on the left side of the road in Britain and in Africa, he had to overcome the 'which side of the road do I drive on?' problem. (When you come across rhinos, hippos or elephants on the road in Africa, they really don't care which side of the road you drive on.  You either drive around them or you bounce off them). Well, he is still alive, and is really glad to be a US Citizen in one of the best countries in the world and, with the help of the ladies in the office, enjoys assisting owner operators with fuel taxes, registrations DOT Numbers, MC Authority applications and paperwork in general. 

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