Single State Registration
The Single State Registration System  has been changed to UCR or Unified Carrier Registration

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History - For Carriers crossing state lines, the Single State Registration System, or SSRS as it was refered to, was a system whereby the Carrier's home state provided proof of liability insurance to all other states through the SSRS process.  The Carrier's insurance company was required to submit the insurance form to the Carrier's home state and was not required to mail the insurance form to all the states the Carrier was going to travel through.  The Carrier also was required to register with it's home state only, hence the term 'Single State Registration'.
Proof of Insurance - In the ancient days before the Single State Registration was established, proof of liability insurance had to be sent to each state by the insurance company, and you had to register each truck with every state they were going to run through.  Once the registration process had been done, each state then sent you a 'Bingo' stamp for $5 or $10 per stamp to place in the bingo stamp holder that was carried in each truck.  Lots of fun, and not much of a tongue left after licking 3,981 stamps for all the states your fleet of trucks were going to run through each year.  And so the stamp lickers decided one friday evening over a few pints of beer to persuade their respective states to get rid of the stamp licking process and make things much easier for them to register proof of liability insurance with each state without having to put Band Aids on their tongues.  After much thought and deliberation, somebody shouted "Eureka" and the Single State Registration system was established.  Bingo stamp holders were relegated to the dust bins (trash cans) and everyone sighed a breath of relief.
Problems - But after a few years of operation, loop-holes started to appear in the Single State Registration system like holes in Swiss cheese, and the UCR sytem was established in September of 2007.  The Single State Registration System was closed down in December of 2006.
Costs - With the now-defunct Single State Registration System, you paid $10, $5, $1 or, with some states, there was no charge, per truck or tractor per year for each state you traveled through.
Unified Carrier Registration - With the current UCR or Unified Carrier Registration which replaced the old Single State Registration System, you pay a flat rate per year on the number of trucks, tractors and trailers you cross state lines with.  But you are no longer paying for each state you travel through.  When you make your payment, where UCR is concerned, you can travel anywhere in the United States.
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