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  • Pre-Register  or  Pay at the Port of Entry  When you travel through New Mexico, you can either pay at the Port of Entry to cross the state, or you can pre-register with the state, then file and pay on a Quarterly basis.
  • Port of Entry Rates  If you pay at the Port of Entry to drive into or through New Mexico, you will be paying the following Weight-Distance tax rates:
               26,001-bs -  52,000-lbs @ 12 cents per mile
               52,001-lbs - 72,000-lbs @ 15 cents per mile
               72,001-lbs - 80,000-lbs @ 16 cents per mile
  • Port of Entry Costs  PCMiler software shows 372.4 miles across the state on I-40.  If you pay at the Port of Entry to cross New Mexico, you figure 372.4 miles @ 16 cents per mile and you will be paying $60 to cross New Mexico. 
  • New Mexico Registration Costs  If you pre-register with New Mexico and opt to pay on a Quarterly basis, you pay 4.378 cents per mile.  This comes to $16.30 to cross the state, which is considerably less than $60 you pay at the Port of Entry to cross the state.  You save $43.70 every time you cross New Mexico (loaded) if you register with the state for a number.  At the end of each Quarter, you will need to file the Quarterly Weight-Distance tax reports with your payment.
We can register you with the state and do your Weight - Distance tax filings at the end of each Quarter.
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