Farm-Plated Trucks              Crossing State Lines


You don't need to be illegal when you cross state lines


  • You Can Use a Farm Plate  If you are a farmer with a farm-plated truck crossing state lines with your own grain, livestock, or farm equipment, or you need to go to an auction in another state to buy equipment to bring back to your farm, most states you cross into will let you use the farm plate bolted on your truck or your semi-tractor.
  • You Will Need a USDOT Number  If you are a farmer needing to cross state lines, you will need to know the following: if your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) on your truck is 10,001-lbs or more, OR, if the Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (CGVWR) of both your truck and trailer are 10,001-lbs or more, you will need a USDOT number.  If your Gross Weight, or your Combined tractor-trailer Gross Weights are 26,001-lbs or more when you cross state lines, you will also need to register for UCR - Unified Carrier Registration  and  IFTA fuel tax
  • Weight-Distance Tax States  In addition to the above state requirements, if you cross into New York state and your gross vehicle weight, or combined truck and trailer gross vehicle weights are 18,000-lbs or more, you will need to register for the New York HUT.  If you drive into Kentucky and your truck gross weight or truck-trailer combined gross weights exceed 26,000-lbs. you will need to apply for a USDOT Number  and register for IFTA fuel tax with your home state.  But also, if your gross or combined gross weights are 60,000-lbs or more when you cross into Kentucky, you will need to register for a Kentucky KYU number.  If you cross into Oregon, as Oregon is not an IFTA fuel tax state, you will need to pay the Oregon Weight-Distance Tax at the border.
  • Unified Carrier Registration  When you cross state lines with a truck, or truck and trailer, or tractor and trailer combination at 26,001-lbs. or more, in addition to needing a USDOT number and registering for IFTA fuel tax with your home state, you will need to register for UCR, or Unified Carrier Registration.


  • 21 With CDL  The driver will need to be at least 21 years old and have a CDL drivers license.  If you travel more than 100 Air Miles from your farm, you will need to fill out a log book for the trip. 



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