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Indiana Residents or Out-of-State Carrier opening a terminal in Indiana - Contact us for Indiana IRP plates / IRP Indianapolis. For-Hire Carriers are sales-tax exempt. You will need to register for Indiana IRP plates / Apportioned plates / IRP Indianapolis to cross state lines. The vehicles mentioned below are required to have IRP Apportioned plates / Indiana IRP plates to cross state lines if they are a Commercial Private Carrier, or For-Hire Carrier.

  • Semi-tractor / trailer with Combined Gross Vehicle Weights 26,001-lbs or heavier
  • Straight truck pulling a trailer with combined weights of 26,001-lbs or heavier when crossing state lines
  • Straight truck with 3 or more axles with a vehicle weight of 26,001-lbs or heavier when crossing state lines
  • Straight truck with 3 or more axles weighing 26,000-lbs or less when crossing state lines
  • Straight truck with 2 axles with a vehicle weight of 26,001-lbs or heavier when crossing state lines 

Contact us for Indiana IRP plates / IRP Indianapolis if you are an Indiana resident or opening a terminal in Indiana. For-Hire Carriers are sales tax exempt. We can do Indiana IFTA fuel tax registration.

The following are the requirements for Indiana-based applicants:


Residency Requirements: Truck owners requiring Indiana Apportioned plates / Indiana IRP plates are required to be residents of Indiana

Operational Requirements: Truck owners fall into one of four categories:

  • Registrant where the truck is leased to a Motor Carrier with MC Authority. A lease agreement is required before an IRP plate will be issued to the truck owner.
  • Private Carrier where the truck is Not-for-Hire and where the products being transported across state lines belong to the truck owner
  • Exempt-for-Hire where the truck is transporting commodities that do not require Motor Carrier Authority such as grain, livestock, or logs being taken to a sawmill. A DOT / USDOT number needs to be issued showing Exempt-for-Hire status before an IRP plate is issued
  • For-Hire Carrier where the truck owner has Trucking Authority / ICC Authority / DOT Authority and the owner has been issued an MC number

Title requirements: The truck being registered for an IRP plate / Apportioned plate must have either a valid Indiana title in the Applicant's name or in a company name of the truck owner. The truck can be a leased truck where a leasing company owns the truck. A copy of the lease agreement, leasing company title and a Power of Attorney from the leasing company will be required. If you are buying a tractor and are a Registrant, hauling Exempt Commodities or have your own MC Authority, you will need an Indiana tax-exempt number to avoid paying the 7% Indiana sales tax. Call us about getting a tax-exempt number for you. Private Carriers and farmers with farm-plated trucks will have to pay Indiana sales tax when transfering titles as both are considered as Private Carriers.

USDOT Requirements: The truck owner applying for an IRP plate / Apportioned plate is required to have a DOT number / USDOT number, unless the owner is leasing the truck on to a trucking company as a Registrant.  Every other type of commercial truck crossing state lines with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,001-lbs and above is also required to have a DOT number / USDOT number

Fuel Tax Requirements: The truck owner obtaining an Apportioned plate / Apportioned plates / IRP plate / IRP plates will either need to have a copy of the trucking company IFTA fuel tax card he is leased on to, or apply for his / her own IFTA fuel tax card and do their own Quarterly IFTA fuel tax reporting.

2290 Federal Highway Use Tax Requirements:   All commercial vehicles plated at 55,000-lbs or above are required to show proof of the 2290 Highway Use Tax filings with the IRS for the current tax year. An EIN / Employer Identification Number is required for the 2290 tax filings.

Prior License Plate Registration:  In the application for an IRP plate, if the vehicle is or was previously plated, a copy of the license plate registration will be required. If the vehicle had an Apportioned plate during the reporting period from any state, issued either by the trucking company leased on to, or the owner's own IRP plate, actual mileages will need to be submitted on the Schedule B form. 

Corporation, Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Liability Company (LLC):  A truck owner who wishes to establish a Corporation (Inc.), LP or LLC will need to obtain an EIN / Federal Identification Number for this legal entity and register with the Indiana Secretary of State. An Apportioned plate / IRP plate can only be issued after registering the name with the Indiana Secretary of State and having obtained an Employer Identification Number / EIN. We can do the registration process with the Secretary of State and get an Employer Identification Number / EIN for you.

Farmers Crossing State Lines:   Farmers crossing state lines with trucks 26,001-lbs or heavier, or with semi-tractors and trailers are not required to plate their power vehicles with IRP plates / Apportioned plates if the products being transported across state lines are a part of their own farm operations. Transporting a beautifully remodeled 1929 John Deere to a farm show in the next state requires a 72-hour permit, or be plated with an Apportioned plate / IRP plate as the state policeman who stops you with a farm plate on your truck will look at this as a non-farming entity. If you travel into Illinois with a similar item on your truck or trailer and a farm plate on your power unit, you may be fined a couple of thousand dollars as Illinois will consider the power unit as having no legitimate plate. If you haul your own farm products outbound, or items for your farm inbound to the farm, you will need a USDOT number, register for IFTA fuel tax and file for UCR - Unified Carrier Registration. You can make 3 trips into any one state in a one-year period with 72-hour permits without having to register for IFTA. You will still need to get a USDOT number and register for UCR - Unified Carrier Registration as you are crossing state lines. 

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